You don’t have to listen to Merlin Mann to realize: life is cluttered. Mashido is aiming to declutter your input, so you can focus on the really interesting stuff. We do something traditional media was good at a long time ago. We sort out the tantalizing, mesmerizing and hypnotizing discoveries, and over time we hope it’s going to become a mashup of all the inspiring things we are passionate about. The things that make your blood boil, your heart race and your synapses orgasm. Did we mention we are passionate about this?

Mashido is a filter for culture, technology and style. We could have added art, design, film, creativity, great food and places where you can enjoy it, great sounds and cities where you can dance or chill to it, life and a lifestyle most of us are only dreaming about. But that’s all part of this package. We really don’t want to make this more complicated. We just want to give you the best of what we find.