Louise Goldin's creations make you stop and look in awe.

Louise Goldin’s creations make you stop and look in awe.

British designer Louise Goldin has a strong sense for trends, but she’s picking up inspirations from art rather than from the street.

Kat George from Australian The Vine describes Goldin with these words:

“Goldin is as much about construction as she is about aesthetics, painstakingly researching and developing new technologies and techniques, blending lurex yarns and rich cashmeres to produce truly luxurious knitwear for a new generation of brave young women.”

Louise Goldin's avant garde creations.

Louise Goldin’s avant garde creations.

With those spikes, one feels reminded of some studded models of Alexander McQueen. Louise Goldin’s high heels definitely have that special avant garde touch that makes you stop and look in awe, but one also wonders if they can actually be worn on any street outside of New York, Tokyo or London, where they are available at Topshop.

(Via Fashionising)

Alexander McQueen's slightly more practical model.

Alexander McQueen’s slightly more practical model.